Full coverage Cloud

The notion of a cloud is ever evolving. CBI is on the forefront of that evolution.  Our cloud services afford your company the opportunity to scale resources to match your performance and security needs.

CBI’s secure, fully compatible private cloud computing and storage provides an enterprise-wide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution for data and application assurance. Virtual servers allow computing and data storage capabilities when and where needed. Our scalable, powerful cloud provides the solution for your needs now and in the future.

CBI’s Cloud Computing advantage includes:

  • Customizable solution tailored to your needs that delivers superior performance and security.
  • Power and flexibility of a cloud service coupled with our expertise and ability to deliver precisely what you need, when you need it the most.

CBI’s Cloud Storage advantage includes:

  • A dedicated pool of computing resources to manage your own virtual servers, with a dynamic process aimed at delivering those resources when and where they are needed. 
  • The scale, security and performance best suited to meet your changing needs.
  • A robust solution for multi-user capacity, with role-based access controls and private network integration and connectivity.
  • The capability to share resources while maintaining capacity and security controls to ensure compliance.
  • The ability to control load balancers and firewall resources without specialized knowledge requirements.