CBI provides the critical IT infrastructure management services that solve your business's immediate and long term needs. They include:

CBI’s colocation services provides a complete, scalable, and fully controlled environment for your IT infrastructure, computing, network and data storage. Power and network redundant, our secure facilities and systems are monitored 24x7 and are equipped with state-of-the-art HVAC and Pre-Action fire suppression system. 

Our geo-diversity means we can provide access to U.S. domestic and global connections and facilities. With our colocation services, you effectively manage cost and quickly upgrade space, connectivity and  services to meet future needs.



  • Flexible and customizable colocation configurations
  • Remote and onsite technical troubleshooting
  • Installation and staging services
  • Onsite engineering
  • Migration planning
  • Access to the latest technologies at reasonable price points
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Secure and full-redundant network and data center
  • Scalability to meet changing business needs


CBI’s carrier-neutral network ensures efficient, flexible, cost-saving connectivity for your IT infrastructure. We provide a Full Carrier Class, 10 GB Backbone network that’s covered by our stringent Service Level Agreement (SLA), so you’re guaranteed last mile connectivity 24x7. And with our scalable network solutions, you have the power to swiftly and easily upgrade to meet your needs.


Our Network’s advantage includes:

Direct access to the world’s leading carriers

  • Cross connect services to reduce costs and increase performance
  • Multiplexing and demultiplexing to increase flexibility of transmission traffic
  • Conversions and gateway functionality for international connections
  • Managed routing service to avoid additional capital expenditures or maintenance costs
  • Network deployment and server relocation services to ensure a smooth transition to CBI location.


Full coverage Cloud

The notion of a cloud is ever evolving. CBI is on the forefront of that evolution.  Our cloud services afford your company the opportunity to scale resources to match your performance and security needs.

CBI’s secure, fully compatible private cloud computing and storage provides an enterprise-wide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution for data and application assurance. Virtual servers allow computing and data storage capabilities when and where needed. Our scalable, powerful cloud provides the solution for your needs now and in the future.

CBI’s Cloud Computing advantage includes:

  • Customizable solution tailored to your needs that delivers superior performance and security.
  • Power and flexibility of a cloud service coupled with our expertise and ability to deliver precisely what you need, when you need it the most.

CBI’s Cloud Storage advantage includes:

  • A dedicated pool of computing resources to manage your own virtual servers, with a dynamic process aimed at delivering those resources when and where they are needed. 
  • The scale, security and performance best suited to meet your changing needs.
  • A robust solution for multi-user capacity, with role-based access controls and private network integration and connectivity.
  • The capability to share resources while maintaining capacity and security controls to ensure compliance.
  • The ability to control load balancers and firewall resources without specialized knowledge requirements.

    Building on our in-depth expertise, experience, and knowledge, we formed CBI’s Apportune™, our unique, proprietary application process that guarantees that the technology that supports your applications is always available and always running at 100%.

    By establishing a conduit between your applications and your infrastructure, Apportune™ cuts your worry about application failure. Apportune’s™ experience in managed computing, data storage, network services, maintenance, security, and co-location services ensures your applications are efficiently and effectively run. Always manned by experts, Apportune™ provides scalable, flexible, reliable and secure change control and powerful tools that monitor and manage your applications. Give us a call, night or day, and you’ll speak with a person. 24/7/365, we keep you up and running.


    Apportune™ advantage provides:

    • Lower overall costs
    • Resources for escalation and crisis management
    • Expertise to analyze root cause of issues to prevent recurring problems
    • Stringent SLAs to ensure the highest quality of service and availability
    • Focused client assistance and rapid engineering response services 24x7x365
    • Outstanding client relationships built on enhancement of technology operations

    It’s a fact: 93% of companies go out of business after a major data loss.  And even “small” IT risks, such as business continuity, can cost companies a significant amount of their top-line revenue.  CBI’s security services close the door on risk, allowing your technology to run flawlessly.

    CBI employs a combination of anti-virus software, security controls, powerful tools, and continuous monitoring to effectively mitigate risk.  Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with redundant power and cutting-edge HVAC, fire protection and security systems with a separate physical security system in our data center for added protection.


    CBI’s Security effectively eliminates:

    • Security breach 
    • Data loss
    • Lack of compliance 


    Our services help you understand your vulnerabilities and deal with security issues before and after they occur.  Our methodology is centered on the idea that with adequate preparation, identification, containment, and ultimately, recovery, your company can quickly return to normal operations.

    We promptly address every aspect of your security concerns by combining industry best practices, developing a deep understanding of your network security position, and formulating a detailed recovery plan tailored precisely to your infrastructure.


    CBI’s data management solutions provides industry leading storage, protection, and availability. Maintained by our expert engineers, our secure data centers provide full backup and recovery, clustering and replication, and disaster recovery.

    At CBI, we understand the challenges that come with bridging data management with security and performance. We have the experience and expertise to deliver an effective solution that addresses the unique challenges your company faces. We work with you to clearly define your business objectives, outline opportunities, and achieve the operational excellence you demand.

    Our Data Management enables you to:

    • Develop a high-performance, fully integrated solution to meet your evolving needs.
    • Easily navigate the collection, sharing, updating and managing of data across multiple platforms.
    • Enjoy ongoing support tailored to maintaining the function and integrity of your data.
    • Rest easy with our robust data recovery, backup, and architecture application protection, delivering on your requirements to maintain recovery time and point objectives.

    CBI's Managed Hosting Solution provides an effective, secure, cost-saving way to manage your IT infrastructure. Building on our decade-plus experience, we’ve coupled our IT infrastructure expertise with our industry-leading insights to provide you with a defining managed hosting solution.

    At CBI, we put an emphasis on managed, delivering a managed hosting service unparalleled in the industry. It is our goal to deliver a level of service and reliability that is not only unique to managed hosting, but one that maintains a high level of security, flexibility, and scalability to meet your business goals.

    Our managed Hosting Solution Provides:

    • An experienced team that combines premium engineering with dedicated support services to help you manage your day-to-day needs.
    • A robust service with enterprise workflow, task automation and a unified management infrastructure.
    • The ability to scale capacity while concurrently optimizing systems utilization to precisely align to your strategic goals.
    • We tailor industry best practices to your needs and provide unrivaled levels of scalability and flexibility to meet the business-critical functionality you demand.